Self-assessment: Follow-up the contract clauses for safeguarding human rights

We recommend the use of the self-assessment template as part of the follow-up of the suppliers adherence to the contract clauses for safe guarding human rights in the supply chain.

Source: DFØ

The document contains self-assessment questions to confirm that the supplier is adhering to the contract performance clauses for safeguarding basic human rights in the supply chain.

The supplier should submit the self-assessment within six weeks. Upon receiving the answers from the supplier, either an in-house contract manager with experience from the processes of human rights due diligence, or a specialised external consultant, ought to review the answers in accordance to the OECD due diligence guidance for responsible business conduct.

Possible breaches of the contract clauses are to be rectified within the time frame of the corrective action plan (CAP) agreed upon after a self-assessment meeting with the supplier.

If breaches on the contracting clauses found are not recitified according to the CAP, an escalation of the sanction provisions can be considered. If serious violations of basic human rights are detected in the supply chain of the supplier, or if the supplier is not rectifying contract serious breaches without undue delay, the contract can be terminated. Other contract sanctions, if the supplier is not fulfilling the requirements of the CAP, are temporary suspension of the contract or replacement purchases from another supplier until the contract breaches are rectified.

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Updated: 12. December 2022

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