E-procurement statistics

The number of e-procurement users and the number of transactions is growing steadily in Norway.

The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management measures various components of the e-procurement process, in order to understand how activity in the “market” (buyers and sellers) is.

We measure the number of transactions via the access points that are registered in Norway.  ELMA, the Norwegian address register in the Peppol-based messaging infrastructure (Peppol Network), is growing steadily. 

See an overview of the number of registered recipients. The graphs show invoices that are sent in the Norwegian market (B2B and B2G).

Number of EHF/BIS invoices sent

Number of receivers in the Norwegian SMP/ELMA

 Number of EHF/BIS ordering transactions

Number of EHF/BIS catalogue transactions

Number of EHF/BIS despatch advice transactions

Number of EHF reminder transactions

Updated: 21. March 2023

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