INTERPROC is a EU CEF project. DFØ is leading the project that aims to have new versions of eForms and ESPD according to EU regulations within 2023. DFØ will develop a new Doffin and contract register to support the new formats. The project will in addition make new eTender profiles.

DFØ the coordinator for the project that consist of BerschA, GSISPA, Mercell, UKL, UPRC and Vortal.

DFØ will develop new eForms, new Doffin, contract register and new ESPD for the Norwegian market.

The purpose of INTERPROC is to promote economic growth of the European economy, reducing administrative burdens in public procurement procedures both for contracting authorities and economic operators, while at the same time implementing and providing the necessary digital service infrastructures to apply the current European public procurement directives.

• Bring public opportunities closer to SMEs, regardless of the country of the Contracting Authorities,

• Make eProcurement processes less time-consuming, based on reliable existing data and with automated processes and more effective workflows.

The project aims to support interoperable use of structured information throughout the whole procurement process.


is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union

More about the project on the INTERPROC web site.

Oppdatert: 30. januar 2023

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