About Circular and Climate Friendly Public Procurements

Circular and Climate Friendly Public Procurements (CCFP) is a Nordic project seeking to reduce the climate and environmental footprint of the Nordic public sector's high level of consumption of products and services. The Nordic countries can contribute to a more circular and resource efficient economy by conducting more sustainable and circular public procurements.

CCFP is a Nordic collaboration project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and lead by The Norwegian Agency for Public and FInancial Management (DFØ). Partners in the project are The National Programme for Supplier Development (LUP-Norway), The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and The National Agency for Public Procurement (Sweden), Motiva (Finland), and The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Denmark). Additionally, SYKE (Finland) and The Danish Energy Agency (Denmark) are contributing in a sub-project. The project will contribute to the Vision 2030:

  • Promote a circular and biobased eceonomy, sustainable and competetice production, sustainable food systems, as well as resource efficient and posion free cucles in the Nordics.
  • Contribute to a positive development in the international environment- and climate cooperation, among other things by promoting nordic green solutions in the rest of the world.
  • Support knowledge and innovation, and make it easier for companies throughout the Nordic region to take full adavantage of the development opportunities created by the green, technological, and digital transformation and the growing bioecenomy.

Building on methods applied by LUP (Norway) and buyer groups in Finland and Sweden, the project will focus on:

  • Zero emission transportation of products and services.
  • Circular furniture.
  • Circular ICT.
  • Batteries.
  • Packaging.

The project will also be focusing on further development of monitoring of climate effects in public procurement. We will seek to develop methods, tools, and examples where use of existing or new standard data effectively use available data to produce better statistics on environmental effects and trends related to public procurement for policy makers, procurement officers, directorates, the public, and researchers.

We believe that by strengthening co-operation between ambitious procuring organisations in the Nordic countries for categories where there is also a potential for growth for Nordic supply chains, the project will enable a process for change on a larger scale than these organisations would be able to do separately. Through a demand-driven approach and coordinated measuring, the Nordic countries will in this project will promote a more circular and climate friendly economy.

The project runs from August 2021 to December 2024.

Updated: 2. January 2023


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